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10 Questions for Glen Gate Pool & Property

1 What’s hot in landscaping + outdoor living?
Outdoor rooms with seating, fireplaces and overhead structures are popular now as are fire pit areas that are architecturally designed. Other trends include doggie bathrooms (an area for a pet to do its business, so the rest of the property isn’t damaged); shallow kiddie pools for small children; rain gardens (using reclaimed water to water plants); and recycled materials in the landscape, such as recycled glass as ground cover.

2 What’s not:
Designs that are not environmentally friendly.

3 Three easy ways to update your yard:
Replace hardscaping like slate or concrete with bluestone or granite. Add color through perennials and shrubs, and replace overgrown, worn-out plant material.

4 Some creative solutions for privacy:
You can install fencing within a hedge, plant some non-invasive bamboo, or add sunken gardens or seating areas.

5 What are the places homeowners should not skimp on?
You should never skimp on the overall design of the environment. Decide on a wish list ahead of time; all of the items should be incorporated into a master property plan. Then, the design can then be phased in over time to accommodate your budget. Other areas where top quality is critical include the major inground items, such as the pool, spa, and hardscaping. With the overall construction, always go for the best or you will likely have to replace things down the road.

6 Where can people save money?
If you purchase smaller plants and wait a few years for them to fill out—rather than buying large for instant gratification—you will definitely save on plant material. Some varieties are less expensive than others; do your research or hire a knowledgeable designer. Choosing bulkier perennials will also help save to money. For instance, a Six Hills Giant catmint (which bears numerous spikes of lavender-blue flowers) can grow to about three feet wide and takes up more space than, say, a daylily, which grows to a foot wide on average. With the right selections, you’ll need less plant material to fill the space.

7 Top trends in pools:
Saltwater pools are in vogue right now because they’re better for people with sensitive skin. Homeowners are requesting pools with monotone color (achieved through a special 3-M mixture that’s added to the plaster). Pool owners are catching on to greener equipment and money-saving features—such as 3-stage pumps, LED lights, a dark pool interior, and geothermal heat. Upsizing is big too: larger pool stairs, spacious shallow ends and big aqua benches (within the pool) for seating.

8 The #1 improvement that pays off at sale time?
Curb appeal. You have seven seconds to impress someone passing by in a car. That’s the average time it takes for a potential buyer to decide whether a property is worth a closer look.

9 What landscape architects want in their own yards:
The right blend of softscaping and hardscaping gives a garden character. The best gardens include visual interest—bark color and texture, flowers, leaves—for every season.

10 What defines great service:
Understanding your client’s wishes and needs and responding to them.

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