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White Space

athome’s Creative/Editorial Director Amy Vischio takes on a very personal project—her own home in Fairfield.

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Matt Almy and Jim Gerrity of Oliver Nurseries tackled the .18 acres of outdoor space, and Amy was amazed at what they were able to do with her small lot. Building on a master plan that Amy Vischio Home RenovationJim created four years ago, the team took the original drawings to the next level. They created a courtyard in front of the garage with large stone steps and a boxwood hedge border and lined the driveway with a row of hornbeams. A stone path runs around the house and leads to a future outdoor shower. It was their idea to break up the expanse of the oil-and-stone driveway with a row of oversized rocks. Matt and Jim’s work transformed Amy’s space beyond what she thought was possible on her postage-stamp-sized lot; it should serve as a reminder not to underestimate the power of landscaping and a well-thought-out design plan.

Though she’s taking her time with the finishing touches—“I ordered swatches of avocado green velvet for pillows, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger,” she says—Amy now has a new office that lives larger than its 5x5 dimensions would suggest, under-stair storage that maximizes every square inch of available space, and a new studio where she can paint and conduct Moffly Media photo shoots. In other parts of the house, old is new again: the kitchen counter is clear for food prep and party spreads, and the guest bedroom is ready for visitors, who no longer have to go to sleep surrounded by easels, drop cloths and the fear of paint inhalation. Her home is back to the tranquil, clean, uncluttered space it once was. Now that the work is done, the team cleared out, and the dust is swept away, it seems that those few challenging times are starting to recede from Amy’s mind. That prolonged stay with Mom and Dad has become “a blessing of quality time,” she doesn’t even look twice at those dreamy dark chocolate peanut butter cups anymore; it was “all worth it,” she says—and just yesterday she announced she’d found the perfect bed for my apartment in New York. Here we go again.