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athome’s Creative/Editorial Director Amy Vischio takes on a very personal project—her own home in Fairfield.

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 Amy Vischio's Home Renovation

“Oh, say it was a piece of cake,” is how Amy suggested I begin the story about her renovation project. “I met with the crew and reviewed their plans by 7 a.m. every day, and still got to work on time.” This sarcasm occurred on a particularly stressful day of the process, and was perhaps also a reaction to my fortieth gentle suggestion that we begin thinking about how to approach this story. But now that it’s complete, the addition and renovation of her Fairfield home has given her the new office, studio, and storage she needed to get her most personal space back in balance.

In this magazine, we like to show you the finished project—with linens pressed, kitchen scrubbed and fresh flowers on the bedside table. Nonetheless, even on the most seamless of projects, there’s always something that doesn’t go according to plan. On many—ultimately successful—projects, it’s several things. Creating a home that looks effortlessly elegant takes a whole lot of time and energy. Though Amy’s project was comparatively small in scale, there were a hundred decisions to be made and the possibility for all the same issues to arise.

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