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Painting The Way

3 Local Artists You Need To Know Now

Photograph courtesy of Antonio Munoz

Installing artwork in a room I have just designed is so satisfying. Like adding icing to a cake, artwork is the final touch that makes a space complete. Sometimes it all starts with art - we find a piece we fall in love with and the whole space gets designed around it. I love working with clients who appreciate original works of art and I love working with artists – learning about their process, sometimes working together to come up with a perfect commissioned piece for a client’s space. Supporting local artists – both emerging and well established ones, has become a passion of mine. Here are 3 Fairfield County names to watch right now.

Rachel Volpone

Rachel’s works are dynamic, full of energy and color. I’m always inspired to see her process, to watch her pieces change and evolve (recently I sold one of her pieces before it was even finished).

From the artist’s statement:

Inspired by intense or subtle color relationships and the physicality of the paint medium itself; each work starts off in an instinctive manner. Using trowels, brushes, rags and palette knives to apply –and remove–layers of paint to the surface, the piece starts to take shape as an individual personality emerges and the dialogue begins.

Sometimes the energy of the work is completely positive and the flow is maintained intuitively. Other times, the piece is re-worked and re-worked until the puzzle of value, line, color and composition is finally resolved. Finding this balance is an integral part of the formal intellectual process; but, it is equally important to maintain an authentic emotional connection to the original impulse. Uncovering the hidden meanings and relationships between the intentional and accidental shapes on the canvas, ultimately each work aspires to reflect the complexities of the physical and spiritual world.

Kim Hanna

Kim’s works are dreamy and always take me to a contemplative place. Her paintings are filled with symbols and special meanings, which I love. Looking at them feels like entering a secret place, a story that unveils slowly and beautifully.

From the artist’s statement:

Early influences were her mother, an amateur painter who instilled in her a love of drawing and nurtured a keen awareness of the flora and fauna around the family home. Artistic influences were found early on with Paul Klee and the Expressionists, especially the artists in The Blue Rider group and the Abstract Expressionists including Kandinsky and Gorky.

Hanna lived and worked in the Washington DC area until 1996, working as a graphic designer and illustrator while she continued her painting and stayed involved in the local galleries. Frequent trips to the nearby Hirshhorn Museum and Phillips Collection provided insight and motivation. A move in 1997 to the San Francisco Bay Area brought forth new perspective and a West Coast sensibility to her painting.

Antonio Munoz

Antonio merges his passion for pattern and color with the boldness of iconographic silhouettes. I love the way he gets inspired by various visual and cultural elements such as textile prints (you want to know what’s new on the runways, you call Antonio), great fashion magazines shoots, vintage looks and historical references.

From the artist’s statement:

By immersing myself in a world of patterns, symbols, repetition, color and composition I look for that initial graphic cell, something that is asking me to be developed into a full surface, a design that has that particular graphic quality to move me, to inspire me, that magical fusion of shape and color.

Olga Adler is an award-winning interior designer and creative director of Olga Adler Interiors in Westport. She is known for her cosmopolitan flair and passion for European style with a global twist.Her ability to blend the old with new and simple with refined has attracted a loyal following who have come to depend on her imagination and inventive use of resources to create homes that are both chic and livable.
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