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Entertaining in Style

3 Easy and Bulletproof Ways to Wow Your Guests without Going Nuts


Holiday entertaining season is here and unless you have plenty of free time on your hands, you may wonder how you are going to make your house party-ready. You always have an option of accepting all the invites you can but not hosting any get-togethers yourself. However, choosing this option may result in not getting any invitations next year.

Option two involves keeping things simple. It means hosting in style without going nuts. It allows you to enjoy a party while you host. Limiting the number of tasks is the best way of simplifying things. So let’s focus on 3 main spots that your guests are sure to visit – they will make all the difference when decorating for holiday entertaining.

The Foyer

We all know that first impressions are everything so make sure that once those doors open your guests get intoxicated by sights, sounds and scents. Decorating your entry should be easy. Use oversize lanterns or hurricanes to create dramatic vignette on your foyer chest or console table. Place your decorations on a mirrored tray to double the spark. Don’t forget to mix in some moss, apples and oranges – they will add texture and color. Scented candles are a great idea, too. But you don’t have to settle for the classic pine or pumpkin scent. Instead, use chocolate or strawberry. Set the mood with music – lounge tunes create relaxing and festive tone will suit all your guests.

Powder Room

In preparation for any social function keep your powder room warm and cozy with dimmed lights, fragrant candles, fresh guest soaps and hand towels. Yeah, about those hand towels – make sure they are paper! There is nothing worse than visiting a bathroom and trying to dry your hands using a moist and soggy terry cloth towel that was obviously used by many guests before you. You don’t have to get those personalized paper towels though, especially if you are (and that has been my assumption) planning your gathering in a hurry. Instead get fun pre-printed paper towels with a funny quote. My paper hand towels read “Get out of here. You look great!” In my powder room, guests will also find a bottle of hand lotion, very delicate perfume, q-tips and scented loose powder.

Buffet Table Centerpiece

I’m a big believer in buffet-style parties. They are simple and casual, everything can be prepared and set ahead of time, and I just love watching my guests move around, mingling and having fun. If you decide to throw a buffet-style party, your centerpiece should be a show-stopper. You can be much more creative and go for large scale as you don’t have to worry about exaggerated height the way you do with a sit down dinner arrangement, so reach high and take it to the next level. Sorry, pans intended. If using candles, make sure they are of the non-scented variety – you don’t want them to take away from the delicious smells of food.

Have fun at your own party!


Olga Adler is an award-winning interior designer and creative director of Olga Adler Interiors in Westport. She is known for her cosmopolitan flair and passion for European style with a global twist.Her ability to blend the old with new and simple with refined has attracted a loyal following who have come to depend on her imagination and inventive use of resources to create homes that are both chic and livable.
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