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From the Editor: Budding Ideas

The month of May marks the start of my favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I like fall too, but for me, there is nothing like seeing the spring green buds on the trees and the anticipation of summer.  Every year, about this time, I get an the itch to get outside and entertain. So, our furniture comes out of hibernation, the outdoor fireplace gets stoked and sends a smoke signal to the neighbors that it’s happy hour at our house. If you’re similarly inspired by the warmer weather, this issue, we’ve got some ideas to help make the most of the season. From the inspiration to create your own “Poolside Paradise” (pg. 60) to alfresco dining ideas (pg. 79), we have plenty of reasons for you to make a date with some friends to play outside in style. But if you’re anything like Darien-based designer Karen Bow, you don’t wait for a change of season to crank up the heat. She’s boldly incorporated a party-ready palette into her year-round décor. Photographer John Bessler and I couldn’t help feeling supercharged on our shoot (or maybe Karen’s energy is just highly contagious). Have a look (pg. 44) at her hot house yourself!

We’ve also got some big news about two of athome’s most frequent contributors. Photographer Stacy Bass and writer Suzanne Gannon have teamed up on In the Garden, a new book out now. Filled with breathtaking shots of some of the most gorgeous gardens in Fairfield County, several of which have also graced the pages of Moffly’s publications, this is a beautiful way to permanently cherish the best of the landscapes that surround us. Check out Shelf Life on page 102 for more information, and come meet Stacy and celebrate with us at our book signing party at Dovecote in Westport on May 9, from 5:30 to 7:30—you can pick up a copy to give or keep. Something else that we’re pretty excited about: Mofflymedia.com is now ilovefc.com. It’s the gateway to Fairfield County’s best  everything: restaurants, shopping, social calendar and more. And our homepage (athomefc.com) has become even more design-centric—with galleries, advice from the pros, and exclusive content you’ll find nowhere else, giving you even more of the magazine you love! And don’t forget, while you’re there, jump on the opportunity to be a part of the 2012 A-List awards. Entries must be submitted by May 21 (yes, this will be the one and only extension), so maybe don’t spend every extra minute outside—you might be kicking yourself come fall!

I feel I would be remiss to sign off without noting the passing of Albert Hadley. I had the good fortune to meet him several times. His humor and wit, and the fact that he was so talented and yet so unassuming, made him someone I’ll never forget. Last summer when his teeny, charming Southport home was up for sale, I looked at it, imagining it as a place I could retire someday. But I couldn’t decide if I was just romanced by the idea of living where my design hero had lived, or if I could really make this quirky little house work in the longterm. I jogged past it every day for weeks—sometimes twice a day–looking for some kind of sign, struggling with the decision, almost wishing someone else would just grab it and make my decision for me. In the end, it must have gone to another buyer, and I still wonder if I should have scooped it up when I had the chance. But I know that my real connection to Albert will always be through my admiration for his ingenious work, his quietly confident and easy disposition, and his inherent talent. It has been said that though he had no children, Albert has dozens of descendants—and to that, I will add that he has influenced and inspired many, many more—including quite a few magazine editors. So though we must say goodbye to Mr. Hadley, I know that he’ll not soon be forgotten, for his work or for the gentleman he was—wonderful, gifted, legendary.