From the Editor: The Art of the Win

Welcome to athome’s first-ever Best Of Design issue! We wanted to share where our readers go for the best in home decor in Fairfield County, so we’re publishing the results of our online poll, plus tips and praise from readers and designers. To arm you with all the insider knowledge that we could, we’ve included our own tried-and-true design resources in our editors’ picks, too.

Though the pros often make it look as though creating beautiful rooms is an effortless process, it takes a ton of planning, coordinating, researching and shopping to pull it all together. But ultimately, the joy of having the room you want is worth the effort, something our “Best Of Design” photographer Matt Cherry must believe, too. He went above and beyond to help us create scenes with five of our winners that truly reflect the fun of design. We think you’ll be tickled to see some of your favorite shop owners in a new light, like at a Wonderland-esque tea party, or in Amy Simon’s case, as a piece of art herself. These shop owners clearly enjoy what they do, and we think that’s part of what makes them so successful. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our Best of Design section, but we know you pick up athome to see great houses, and we’re delivering those in this issue, too. If you can’t get away this summer, live vicariously through two second homes in New Canaan and Naples, Florida, starting on page 48. And if that isn’t enough, check out page 42 for a lush garden.

Lastly, do not forget to buy your tickets to the A-List Awards! Get 30 percent off your tickets until July 15, but whether you buy them now or later, do not miss this event!

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