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Glossy green apple makes a statement in a Stamford kitchen.

 When Alejandra Holway and her husband, David Behrends, moved into their Stamford home in 2010, they already knew they’d eventually change the kitchen. They lived for a while with the original Tuscany-style design, which featured terra-cotta tiles and an L-shaped island with a built-in seating area on one side, but neither its form nor function really worked for them. When Hurricane Irene forced them to do major renovations, and the couple was expecting their first child, they decided it was time to do some work on the interiors too, and included the kitchen in their plan.

“She’s not your all-white kitchen girl,” says Gianna Santoro of Deane, who helped them create the colorful but livable space they were looking for. Alejandra had spotted the bright apple green color in one of Deane’s showrooms, but felt an entire kitchen of it would be too much, so Santoro suggested doing part of the space in textured melamine, a material that’s new on the market and durable enough to stand up to the family’s four pets.

There are also tons of features that make this kitchen fit the individual needs of the homeowners. The appliance garage provides easy access to small appliances, including the blender, juicer and food processor, which all get daily use, but with steel tambour doors that pull down, “I can leave my mess behind there,” says Alejandra with a laugh. An area with a second sink is a place to handle raw meat and eggs, and feeding pets.

Big drawers keep pots and pans organized, and a glass refrigerator allows the family to see what they’ve got without standing in front of an open door. (“Many people advised against it, but to be honest I just love it—even if it’s not tidy, I just find it very useful,” says Alejandra.) She loves her steam oven, and has five drawers with dividers for silverware and kitchen gadgets. The couple also loves coffee and teas, and has several cabinets devoted to storage for the accouterments that go along with them. Unique touches like integrated hardware, easy-to-maintain limestone floors, an acid-etched mirror backsplash, and Alumasteel toe kick and molding at the top of the cabinets further set the space apart.

“We wanted something that would be easy to take care of, strong, and still look great and be contemporary,” says Alejandra, “and Gianna helped us get that.”    

Architect, David Goetsch, David Goetsch Architect, LLC,
Stamford, 203-329-9203
Builder, John Farrell, Trumbull, 203-515-2628
Gianna Santoro, DEANE, New Canaan, 203-972-8836, kitchensbydeane.com
Table and chairs, Design Within Reach, dwr.com
Accessories, Design Solutions, New Canaan, 866-903-3744, dsnewcanaan.com