Painted Doors

Painted doors say go bold or go home

Elizabeth Arden and Talbots got the message long ago - painted doors are gorgeous, inviting and memorable. Elizabeth Arden’s red door logo is immediately recognizable and all Talbots shoppers are greeted by its double red door entrances.

But painted doors are not just for retail giants. They also work beautifully for smaller stores and residences, both inside and outside. A distinctive, painted door says there's clearly going to be something and someone seriously interesting inside. It's as if the character of what’s inside is so interesting that we are given a sneak peek through the door.

We often spend weeks, or months, deliberating what color to paint a room but we often overlook doors and just paint around them. Interior painted doors are just as powerful as exterior. Instead of painting splash walls, I encourage splash doors (though be sparing or else you could end up looking like Pee-wee’s Playhouse!)

Painted Doors | House of Clement

House of Clement's signature color is Hermes’ orange and their orange front doors pop. House of Clement’s owner Gilles Clement explains “my mother always had Hermes goods and I used her boxes for my toys. I’ve always associated orange with fun and pleasure.” Paint: Try Benjamin Moore Paint 2013-20 Orange Nectar


Painted Doors | Carolyn Joseph/Higgins Realty
PHOTO: Carolyn Joseph/Higgins Realty

This turquoise door always stops me in my tracks. Literally, whenever I’ve jogged past this house, I have to stop for a moment to pay my respect to this door - and it's not just because it's at the crest of a hill. ;)

As this door suggests, the house has a story to reveal: John Finch bought the land in the 1763 and his son Samuel later built the house. But Samuel’s two sons had a bitter feud and literally split the house in two, moving half of the house to a plot down the street. This mesmerizing turquoise door is currently for sale--with the rest of the house.

Paint: The color is a Benjamin Moore floor paint.  Latex Enamel, deep base 122 3B.  The owner explains, “I painted over a base color of porch floor, satin B-20, C-26, D10Y38, Kx-24 custom green, acrylic latex enamel, 202A340. That was my base, which was a few years old, then I used the Ben Moore, but I added a small amount of the base green to it so it was not too bright.”


Painted Doors | Alastair Halliday
PHOTO: Alastair Halliday

The family behind this front door can’t lack in energy. This yellow reminds me of French’s mustard. In the same way that French’s energizes your taste buds, this door screams WAKE UP!” to my weary eyes. Paint: California Paints (Tuscan Sun)


Painted Doors | Karen Bow
PHOTO: Karen Bow

Whoever thought a closet door could be so inviting? This door is fun not only in its slender proportions but the coral paint add a bit of Alice in Wonderland to it. Paint: Try Behr 170B-6 Lipstick


Painted Doors | Karen Bow
PHOTO: Karen Bow

A door to nowhere or is there something super secret on the other side? This gray, sliding barn door is the perfect compliment to the playful chalkboard painted wall.  Paint: Try Behr 760F-5 Milestone

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