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Art Exhibitions in Fairfield County

Art to see at eight Fairfield County museums

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Aldrich Museum

About the Museum:
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is an “independent, non-collecting contemporary art museum” and is the only museum in the state that is solely dedicated to contemporary art. In addition, it is one of twenty museums in Connecticut and 318 museums in the country that is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.  

Simon Blackmore – Three Sound Works
Based on the language of music, this exhibition integrates three works into one. The three works, Weather Guitar, Audio Monitors, and Sticks are all able to compliment each other based on the mediums of a weather dependent Flamenco guitar, speakers that monitor the silence of a room and a computer that creates music via a binary code, respectively.
Until March 9

Martin Creed – Scales
Scales examines music in a distinctive manner by comparing it to the artistic ideology of Michelangelo who is “supposed to have said that the sculpture was inside the marble and it was just a matter of finding it”. Artist Martin Creed addresses this concept by finding music in unlikely artistic mediums such as “paint, ink, sculpture and video.”
Until March 9

Sol LeWitt – The Music Collection
While this exhibition does not include the works of the late artist Sol LeWitt, viewers are able to experience LeWitt’s “encyclopedic library of recorded music”.
Until March 9

James Mollison – The Disciples
This exhibition highlights the panoramic photographs taken by Mollison, which were made by connecting shots together from concerts. In all there are seven large-scale prints from fifty-nine photographs in the exhibition.
Until March 9

Xaviera Simmons – Underscore
Xaviera Simmons works crosses through the mediums of “photography, performance, video, sound and instillation”, which is expressed in a way that is “cyclical” rather than “linear”.
Until March 9

The Bellarmine Museum

About the Museum:
The Bellarmine Museum, which was publically inaugurated in 2010, is an extension of Fairfield University. The museum has a diverse collection of “paintings, sculpture and decorative art objects” from several time periods.

In the Wake of the Butterfly: James Abbott McNeil Whistler and His Circle in Venice
This exhibit will highlight the works of the American expatriate James Abbott McNeill Whistler, specifically several“works on paper from his Venetian series” (together with related images by other artists)
January 23 – April 4

La Ragnatela/The Spiderweb: Works by Giampaolo Seguso from the Corning Museum of Glass
This exhibition will display examples of thirty-three vases that were made with the glass-making technique, filgrana, which “consists of preparing parallel glass canes that are then melted into a pass of incandescent glass, creating perfect geometrical shapes in net and spiral-lie patterns”.
April 10 – June 13

Finn Gallery

About the Museum:
The Finn Gallery is a museum that displays art from several mediums and time periods, and well highligs different “visions and techniques”. Six exhibitions are mounted each year from September through June.

Albertini + Spillmann
Artists: Sydney Albertini, Heinrich Spillmann
January 30  - March 12

Artists: Jaclyn Conley, April DeMarco, Anne Lemanski, Kathryn Lynch, Jane O'Hara, Alexandra Sax, Jain Tarnower, Brad Woodfin
March 20 – April 30

Other Worlds
Artists: Monica Banks, Fran Forman, Carol Schwartz, Guy Stevens, Kees de Waal
May 8 – June 18

The Bruce Museum

About the Museum:
Originally built as a private home in 1853 (and rebuilt in 1992), The Bruce Museum has a collection of “nearly 15,000 objects representing the arts and sciences.”

Ed Clark: American Photojournalist
This exhibition will highlight the photographs of Ed Clark who was a staffer for LIFE.
February 1 – June 1

Pasture to Pond: Connecticut Impressionism
This exhibition gives museumgoers the opportunity to view paintings of Connecticut’s landscapes as painted by American Impressionist artists.  
March 22 – June 21