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All The Details

A Q&A with architectural building products supplier, Linda Coursen

All The Details residential project

Courtesy of All The Details

Linda Coursen, owner of All the Details, wants people to live in the most beautiful spaces possible. “I want to help people enjoy their lives with the architectural pieces and visuals they love.”

What is All the Details?

Linda Coursen: All The Details was started 24 years ago when my husband owned and operated a millwork company that manufactured custom wood windows and doors. Now we are now a supplier and installer of architectural building products including custom millwork, windows, doors columns, and moldings.

We specialize in steel and mahogany windows.  Mahogany has very few knots and a clean look. Both steel and mahogany windows are incredibly durable and water-resistant. They will not warp or swell.

We work with very skilled installers to make the process as easy as possible for the end consumer. By doing this we can ensure the quality of the product and the installation so there are no problems down the road.

Where do you get your products?

LC: We’re very proud to get all of our inventory from companies in the United States, locally from Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey and also from California, Wisconsin and Ohio. It's also important that we make a point of buying our products from companies who invest in innovation. We want our suppliers to either use energy-efficient tools and technology, make their products from a percent of recycled goods, run their companies on a percent of recycled water, maintain a skilled laborers on machinery, and/or hire experienced artists (for example, in the factories that make our steel products).

In addition to our goal of being environmentally and socially responsible, we also focus on value. We want the best prices for our customers.

Who are your customers?

LC: Architects usually spec our products when building homes. Contractors use our products. And homeowners can get our products by ordering them directly through our office in Stamford. If someone is not working with an architect, we can send our installer to rough draw the project and determine the customer’s wants and needs.

When it comes to my customers, I focus on women. I run a woman-owned business and I know that women make most of the important decisions when it comes to building or remodeling their homes. Windows and doors are not only functional, they can be works of art.

Our typical customer is, what is the term now… a muppie? A muppie is a millennial-yuppie hybrid. A muppie is a breed of young highly educated and socially aware go-getters that emerged from the  ashes of the financial crisis, gone is the "yuppie" whose goal was to climb the corporate ladder and drink Starbucks while doing it... the muppies share the same level of ambition but the ladder they're climbing is made of reclaimed wood and the coffee is fairtrade.

People want quality but they also consider the consequences of the product they’re buying (both environmentally and socially).

What has been your favorite project to date?

LC: My favorite project to date is Southport Green, specifically the Delamar Hotel. We did all of the exterior millwork, like the columns, trims, over doors, and moldings. It really turned out gorgeous.

All the Details
66 Broad Street
Stamford, CT