photographs courtesy of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation; Vintage photograph provided by Gault Energy and Stone

Few businesses are lucky enough to make it past a few years, never mind 150. Gault Energy and Stone, the oldest business in Westport and the oldest family-owned and -operated fuel company in Fairfield County, is celebrating a remarkable 150 years in business. The company, founded by Robert Gault in 1863, has certainly seen a few changes over the last century and a half. At first a grain transportation business, now, Gault is a leading supplier of home heating and air conditioning installation and services. The stone fabrication division blends modern technology with old-world stone artistry to create remarkable rock walls, firepits, and other features. But what hasn’t changed for Gault is a commitment to quality and family.

“Our 150th anniversary is much more than a company milestone,” says Sam Gault, president of the company and the founder’s great-great-grandson. “It’s a celebration of family and community, and an opportunity to reflect on our history, as a family and as a company, as an integral part of our community.”

To honor the anniversary, Gault is kicking off a year full of great events, and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation and the Westport Historical Society also recently added the Gault barn in Westport to the State Registry of Historic Places. Visit for more.

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