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Meet the Designers Pt. 4: Rooms with a View 2013

Five Questions for Carolyn Kron, Tricia Izzo and Steven Gambrel

Five Questions for Carolyn Kron and Tricia Izzo of Shelter Interiors

athome: How did you form Shelter Interiors?
Carolyn Kron: We met years at ago our first design job out of college, which was with a commercial office furniture dealer. I moved to Arizona for a few years and had my own business there, and Tricia had done other work in southern Connecticut. When I moved back, we struck up our friendship again and said now is the time to start our own company together.
Tricia Izzo: When Carolyn moved back she said, “I’m back, I want to start my own company,” and I thought, “Oh, good for you!” and her response was, “No, you don’t understand, I want to start it with you.”

ah: How would you describe your design aesthetic?
TI: We call it “coastal modern.” We like to find the client’s style and try to guide them, but a lot of what we do is on the water or near the water, so many of our clients are influenced by the water or beach.

ah: Where do you like to shop for your design projects?
CK: We’ve been hitting a lot of consignment stores in the area. We like the idea of finding those treasures that can be given a second life. People love the idea of finding those pieces that are as well made as anything you could find today.

ah: What are your main sources of inspiration for your designs?
TI: I’m influenced by the town I live in, the beach, and traveling to different places. I feel like no matter where I go, whether it is to Vermont, Martha’s Vineyard, or Puerto Rico, I always come back with something that influences the way I look at color or different placement of architecture.
CK: I’m inspired really by nature and trying to look at the surroundings of where the house is sighted and what you’re looking out at. The landscape really dictates sometimes the coloring we use inside.

ah: How is your home designed to fit your lifestyle?
TI: Like most people, a lot of what I have are family antiques, pieces that have a heritage. It’s a little eclectic. I have two small children, so there’s a lot of storage pieces and toys everywhere.
CK: It really stems from being comfortable with our children and having friends and family around a lot. We love to entertain and want to have comfortable furniture, and we bring that to the table with our clients. A lot of people like the fact that we have our own families and we really can direct people in a way where the furniture is going to work with theirs.

Five questions for Steven Gambrel of S. R. Gambrel, Inc.

athome: How would you describe your design aesthetic?
Steven Gambrel: It’s based on careful detailing and lots of furnishes. It’s a classic, timeless assemblage of periods.

ah: What cultures or time periods inspire you the most?
SG: Mostly the twentieth century because it’s a great culmination of all the centuries put together and it’s a great combination of time.

ah: How is your home designed to fit your lifestyle?
SG: It’s a collection of pieces that mean something or have an aesthetic value, combined with an eclectic color story in a nineteenth-century home.

ah: What is your best piece of advice for interior designing?
SG: Build a story and stick to it.

ah: What are your main sources of inspiration for your designs?
SG: I’m inspired certainly by the architecture, but also the lifestyles of people.