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Five Minutes with Jonathan Adler

Athome sits down with the design guru

Jonathan Adler signs a book for Jennifer Lipset

Jonathan Adler is a busy man with a hyphen-packed job description. The potter-interior decorator-TV personality-designer-author (to name a few) continues to make a splash in the design world with his bright, bold creations. He sat down with athome to discuss his newest store on Main Street in Westport, his latest book, and to dish out some design wisdom.

My new book, Jonathan Adler 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life is…
Both a decorating and a lifestyle guide. I hope to inspire people to decorate in a bold and memorable way, and to live in a bold and memorable way.

I decided to include advice in my book because…
My design philosophy, which is that your design style should be chic and stylish and optimistic, applies to the way that you should live your life. So it seemed natural to dictate how people should decorate and live. And I’m bossy.

I incorporate fun and humor into my work because…
As a designer, I couldn’t be more serious….However, I also think it’s my job to not show people how much effort goes into making stuff…It takes a lot of work to make things look effortless and optimistic.

My favorite item in the store is…
I’m loving all the sort of brass objet that I’m making these days. I’m obsessed with brass...It’s warm and glossy and delicious.

I chose Westport for my newest store location because…
Westport is one of those singular towns that’s chic and fun. I always have loved Main Street in Westport. It just felt organic to me.

My design inspirations are…
Inspiration can strike anywhere. But my muses, I would say, are three designers: Bonnie Cashin, Alexander Girard, and David Hicks, each of whom was a designer with a certain idiosyncratic style. Each of them made work that was incredibly chic and colorful, but was also very optimistic. I strive to channel their spirits in everything I do.

The design rule that everyone should follow is…
Love what you love. Ignore anybody else’s opinion, and strive to be bold and memorable.

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