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More tips and ideas for kitchens from those in the know

We had so many great ideas from the pros for the Kitchen + Bath Clip File (starting on page 46 in the July/August issue) we couldn't fit them all in the issue! But we didn't want you to miss out on them either, so here are even more tips on making the most of your kitchen spaces.

"I am a huge fan of my Steel Grill Fry Pan from Williams-Sonoma. It allows me to grill delicate things like veggies and shellfish without worrying about whether they will fall between the grill bars.”
—Neil Hauck, Neil Hauck Architects

"Lilies are actually a great addition to any salad; just remove the thistle and cut the leaves by hand into any salad but make sure not to overdress, as the taste is very subtle. In my book, we have a recipe for squash blossoms filled with basil, mozzarella and anchovies then dipped in a light batter and fried. I am sure that lilies would also work!”
–Amanda Smith, Amanda Smith Caterers

"As a coffee lover, I cannot live without my new red DeLonghi Latissima Plus Nespresso Machine. It makes a perfect cappuccino with steamed milk every time!"
—Elissa Grayer, Elissa Grayer Interior Design

“The zebra-striped pendants over the island in my kitchen are the first things I gaze at while sipping my morning coffee. How can you not have a great day?”
–Lynne Scalo, Lynne Scalo Design

"I really like my Lacanche Cluny range—especially the five-burner configuration with the ‘magnum’ burner in the middle."
—John P. Franzen, FAIA, J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, P.C.

athome kitchens

“The Wolf Steamer is the simplest, yet most versatile, cooking product that any kitchen could have. It’s marvelously engineered and easy to use. You can boil pasta, steam hot dogs, steam clams and lobster and it’s the best for reheated leftovers.”
—Sean Clarke, Clarke

“I love my new Dacor Microwave-in- a-Drawer! It’s nice looking and can be integrated into cabinetry at different heights. With a push of a button, the drawer pops out from the wall with my steaming cup of coffee and I’m ready to go!”
—Amanda Martocchio, Amanda Martocchio Architecture + Design

"My favorite thing in my kitchen would have to be my Wustof chef’s knife. I cut everything with it."
—Carlo Vona, Paramount Stone Co.

“The Vac Pan is great for young kids—very easy to sweep Cheerios into. It is part of a central vac system, any Central Vac installer can put it in.”
–Ian Hobbs, Hobbs, Inc.


“Another idea for dessert? Chocolate fondue! Everybody loves fondue at the end of a lovely meal. For dippers, try traditional fruits. You could also make it more special with some homemade cookies and other goodies.”
–Frank R. Daniele, Frank & Julio Complete Evening Planning

“Every time someone walks into my kitchen, they immediately notice my thirty-six-inch-wide Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer. I love to cook, but as a working woman, it is hard to find time during the week. The wide storage in both the fridge and freezer give me the ability to store platters in the fridge and to cook on the weekends and freeze meals for the week. I can defrost meals before I go to work in the morning and don’t have to worry about going to the supermarket daily.”
–Susan Alisberg, Alisberg Parker Architects

“The ‘faux barn-board’ runner I have at my back kitchen door is a chic alternative to the run-of-the-mill doormat. Not only does it look like weathered wood, but it looks better as it ‘ages’—and it’s machine washable!”
–Melissa Lindsay, Pimlico

“Lutron is a system that controls the lighting, heating, air conditioning and even motorized shade of any room and is also portable, so you can change your home environment from your car or office and have it just the way you want it when you arrive home."
–Cate Tiefenthaler, Tiefenthaler Construction

“I cannot live without my Le Creuset French Ovens. I have a large round, and large oval one that are great for braising meats, roasting, and also great for soups, stews, chili, and pasta sauces. They really distribute heat well and they retain it too. I think they are great- looking and come in many colors. Mine are red. I often take them right from the oven to the table, to serve right from them.”
–Robin Selden, Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning

“One thing I like for kitchens is a kick plate to control the kitchen faucet. Clients find the use of a pedal to turn on the faucet to be a creature feature that they love.”
–Arnold Karp, Karp Associates

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