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Living in the Past Design Notes 2016

Living in the Past

Margaret Schwartz channels her love of vintage finds into a professional passion.

Local Touch Design Notes 2016

Local Touch

Local Vault, Greenwich

Contain Yourself Design Notes 2016

Contain Yourself

Planters to boost your patio or porch appeal

10 design books to inspire you Design Notes 2016

10 design books to inspire you

Full of spectacular photography and designer insights, these books will be your new guilty pleasure.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Last Home For Sale Design Notes 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright's Last Home For Sale

Norman Lykes House in Phoenix, Arizona priced at $3.6 million

Pastel Pairing Design Notes 2016

Pastel Pairing

Pantone’s colors of the year 9 ways to bring Rose Quartz and Serenity into your palette

Strike a Pose Design Notes 2016

Strike a Pose

Garden statues from some of our favorite outdoor spaces

Happy Place Design Notes 2016

Happy Place

Denise Davies and Kerri Rosenthal open the door to their new studio.

Star Power Design Notes 2016

Star Power

Space-inspired accents are out of this world

Make Your Garden Grow Outside Counsel 2016

Make Your Garden Grow

For gardeners at every level, ten tips for survival