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Engaging Exhibits Design Notes 2015

Engaging Exhibits

5 art galleries to visit this month

The Homemaker Design Notes 2015

The Homemaker

Kathleen Walsh reminisces about one of her favorite projects

Haute Stuff Design Notes 2015

Haute Stuff

Decked Out, These lounge chairs are ship-shape and ready for relaxation.

WowHaus Design Notes 2015


Upscale pillows for the modern designer

A Cut Above Design Notes 2015

A Cut Above

Getting to know Parish Conservatories of Fairfield

Eye for Style Design Notes 2015

Eye for Style

Lafont has a design-minded point of view.

Space Saver Design Notes 2015

Space Saver

Deane, Inc. creates a custom kitchen in Greenwich

Good Fences Design Notes 2015

Good Fences

Some ideas for enclosing your property perimeters.

House Jewelry Design Notes 2015

House Jewelry

These hinges, pulls, and doorknobs provide a finishing touch for your home’s design.