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Sofas Living Spaces 2014


Elevate your living room decor. Browse our gallery of sofas for some design ideas.

Bathroom Vanities Living Spaces 2014

Bathroom Vanities

Find design inspiration in our gallery of bathroom vanities.

Meat and Potatoes Design Notes 2014

Meat and Potatoes

Clean, stylish design meets smooth functionality in Deane, Inc.’s new Culinary Center

Night Light Design Notes 2014

Night Light

Vintage to contemporary, illuminate your exteriors á la lanterne

Lillian August Design Clinic House Parties 2014

Lillian August Design Clinic

January 16 at Lillian August, Norwalk

Coming Clean Design Notes 2014

Coming Clean

Neat lines and good design define this A-List winning home

Art Exhibitions in Fairfield County Design Notes 2014

Art Exhibitions in Fairfield County

Art to see at eight Fairfield County museums

Wanderlust Design Notes 2014


Travel luxuries you won’t want to leave home without

The Garden That Jacques Built Outside Counsel 2013

The Garden That Jacques Built

An enchanting journey through Jardin Majorelle in Morocco